Thursday, 6 May 2010

a new opportunity

Today I'm feeling pretty excited :) I've just recieved a phone call from my local Dwell store, who have invited me in for a trial day, to see if i would like a full time job there :) This will be my first full time job ever, as in a couple of weeks, I will no longer be a student!! Dwell's furniture is so lovely :) it'd be nice to work somewhere so pretty! But i have applied for a few other places too, so we'll have to see what my options are :)

On another note! I have been organising all of you lovely people's entries to the fairytale swap :D I have begun to pair up partners, however, not every option has enough people! And as i like to make sure everybody gets what they want, i am setting you all a mission :D I need to find one more person who only wants to post within the UK (although i'm happy to fill this spot :) ), but I also ideally need about 3 more people willing to post abroad, from outside of the UK :) there are alot of us brits ;) so if anybody has a friend who would like to get involved then send them this way :D


Florence and Mary said...

Oooh look forward to hearing more about the job.

I'll put something on FB for more overseas people! If you can't find any extras just keep it within the UK for those left, I'm sure no one will mind! I don't mind posting overseas but it can limit to what you can send sometimes so I'm sure no one would worry.

Victoria xxx

hapi-ness said...

thanks V! yeah, i know food and stuff can sometimes be a no no! I'm happy to stay within the UK depending on other numbers once everyone has entered :) very exciting! xx

Maria said...

I have never heard of Dwell, but the magazine looks very cool.. Good luck with your trial day, I am going to google Dwell now..:)

Elizabeths Attic said...

I am happy to post anywhere, I think I listed home and abroad and snow white was my choice (I think) but am happy to change if that helps you out. Have you got Aija from craftysmiles if not I will let her know she is always up for a swap. Good luck with the job I am sure you will do great.

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

I've never heard of DWELL either. Good luck with the job hunting.

I can't wait to get my SWAP partner, I don't mind changing over to post abroad, I know I said otherwise but if it helps with the organising of partners I don't mind. x

hapi-ness said...

thanks girls ^_^ bev, i do have craftysmiles down thanks :D i shouldn't need to switch anybody around, but thanks for letting me know the option is there if it needs to be :D dwell is a lovely furniture shop, it does all contemporary things! Although to be honest, i have also applied for the white company! My fingers are super crossed for that one as their store is full of things i want ;) haha x

Cat B said...

I've put a link up on my blog so with my big 4 followers I don't know if that will help you at all LOL
Sending home made food into New Zealand is a big no no, however, store brought and sealed is ok - we have such strict customs ;'(
I'm happy to post anywhere everywhere -
I'm so excited to be partaking in my first ever swap - this is my 2nd week in the blogging world!

Country Style Living said...

Never heard of Dwell, but the magazine looks very stylish. Good Luck on the job front..

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