Friday, 19 March 2010

i want your buttons!

Wehey! Yesterday I found a brilliant tutorial that has given me a wonderful new three column blog :D because of this I now have lots and lots of lovely link space, so I want your buttons!! If anyone has any buttons advertising any lovely blogs, or any other pretty things you think would look good on here, then please let me know :D

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Today I will be putting these gorgeous bits on ebay :) along with 3 pairs of lovely vintage gloves! If anybody is interested, you can view my items here

very early planning!

Well I've always been one for planning ahead, and decided to make a start on plotting out my birthday this year :) it's a big one! I will be 21 in July, and want to have a big mix up of all of my favourite birthdays over the past few years :)

This year I want to spend the day with all of my friends at alton towers :) I did this for my 18th and had such a brilliant time!

Also last year I had a wonderful bbq for my friends, which I loved :) so this year will be another garden party after a day trip to the theme park! Last year was hello kitty theme, and this year I don't know what to do! But pink and flowery will always be good!

Finally, on my actual birthday, I want to go out with mine and matt's family, and have a lovely big meal like I did for my 18th :) I love spending birthdays with family, but my friends and family are so different that everything works much better to have 3 events :) plus it means an extra long birthday celebration! hurray!! xo

happy st patricks

Happy St Patricks everyone :)

Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Ok so basically the reason I haven't been on here much recently is because a) We have redone our living room again and it is all looking goorrggeeouse :) b) Because I have soooo much uni work to catch up on and stuff for shops! and c) Because I have been busy hunting down my dream machine :) This week I will be taking my first lesson on a scooter, and in a few weeks I will be taking my test!!

As soon as my test is out of the way my dad has said he'll let me borrow some money to go towards my very own vespa!! I have sooo many ideas what I want from my dream bike, from a custom paint job to lovely pink seats! So to get us all in the mood, lets sit back and enjoy some vespa goodness!!

back again!

Hello all! gosh I have been lazy with blogging recently, but i have lots and lots of things to catch up with :) to make things easier I hope to do a few seperate posts a day or one every other day until I am well and truly back up to date!! So to start us all off I thought I'd give you something lovely to look at :) in the form of some lovely shoes I'd love to own!!

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