Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Fun with lights!

Ok so the other week we recieved an email at work to let us know that marketing had set up 20% off vouchers for our store, available through a website. The website was mydeco.co.uk, and we decided to take a sneaky peak.

Mydeco is such a cool website, it's a sort of comparison site for all different lovely things to decorate your entire home! The other day I spotted the above chandelier on their home page, and I have fallen in love!!

Which has lead me on to trawl through pages of chandeliers, oohing and ahhing over my favourite finds

I really love these bright and quirky takes on chandeliers, and with pretty much all of these being under £100 I can see one of these winding up in my spare room!

and they call it kitty love

Well it's only been a few days since we brought little Roxy home, and already her and Jinx are best friends! In fact, they're a little too close! And so Jinx has spent the last few days outside having plenty of cold showers, and will be getting the snip next wednesday!!

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