Tuesday, 3 April 2012

baby bunny giveaway!

The wonderful Miaou has created the cutest little tutorial to make this little guy :)
Not only that but the lovely lady is also giving away this exact little bunny too :)
It's such a clever idea with a pair of socks which I'd never even thought about! lovely lovely :)

Monday, 2 April 2012

a funny old week

Well it's been a funny old week this week. I've been making such a huge improvement in my mood over the past few months and this week I seem to have had my first real mood dips since november.

I keep getting frustrated with myself for not making a real start on my path to owning my own business.
I wanted to set up shop with my friend but as time has gone by it has proven very difficult to find time together and I don't believe she is as commited to the idea as I am.

I have done so much research into setting up a business and would love to own my own cafe/bakery someday.
I want to make a start making cakes to sell at cake fairs but due to my lovely doggy and kitty being moulty little buggars and the fact my kitchen is very very tired I'd never be able to get H&S certificates.
And I have no access to another kitchen so I'm not entirely sure how to go about making a start in getting pennies together and seeing if my baking is up to par!

This in turn has made me start getting down on our financial situation again. With a wedding to save up for and a lack of funds my dream seems to be moving further and further away.

I know that it all seems a little silly and who knows, maybe some of the obstacles in my way aren't real obstacles at all, but for now they are certainly hurdles which I can't see over.
I wonder if any of you have any ideas or suggestions in possibilities I can try to help me edge closer to my dream :)
xxx Ness xxx
(images courtesey of weheartit.com)

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