Thursday, 27 August 2009

lovely loves

Weeee, today i recieved my lovely package from the even lovelier Elaine! Check out this beauty :D


In my lovely package is a gorgeous handmade apron! A reeaaallllyyy sweet handmade panda! Some lovely papers, some amazing american sweeties, some FLIPZ!!!! (i have already eaten a fair few of these hehe!) A lovely handmade heart to hang in my hallway! Some beautiful rar rar press cards, a lovely, tingly burts bees lip balm, a sweet animal print scarf, and a really cute little charm :)
Elaine I love you!!!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009


wow, I have been given the greatest, most exciting news... I am going to be featured seller for the get made shop for all of September! Not only that but i am also holding a shopping event week at the shop, from the 14th of sept we will be open monday to saturday!

We will be using this image as the poster for the event, which is really exciting as I will finally get one of my illustrations open to the public! But we are also holding another shopping night on the 15th of September, which i hope to have my illustration used for this time too!

I am also going to be redoing one of the blackboards in the shop with news of the shopping events and another illustration! All in all next month is going to be very good for me, but for now, it means that i am VERY busy getting everything ready for just next week! I have 18 socks to make today, but will be happy if i manage to make just 10 for now :) I also managed to finish all of my grizzly girl bears, which i will get photos of tomorrow! The only thing left to think about now is how to display my stock on the feature table!!

Monday, 24 August 2009

even newer news!

Ok so i have been planning a new range of toys for a while now, and finally produced my first one yesterday :) I have already made 7 little faces, and now just need to make bodies for the rest! I'm still not 100% sure how successful they will be, but i think that once i have made them all, i will put one on etsy and the rest in the get made shop :) let me know what you think to this little lady!

I am also so proud of myself right now, as most of my hydrangeas are finally dry, i decided to go out and buy some willow wreathes that i could attatch them all to. Only nowhere seems to sell them at the minute! So i took some cutters to matt's mum and dads willow tree, and made my very own wreath from scratch! I love how it all turned out, and if i can collect enough branches then these wreathes will be totally free to make!!

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