Thursday, 27 August 2009

lovely loves

Weeee, today i recieved my lovely package from the even lovelier Elaine! Check out this beauty :D


In my lovely package is a gorgeous handmade apron! A reeaaallllyyy sweet handmade panda! Some lovely papers, some amazing american sweeties, some FLIPZ!!!! (i have already eaten a fair few of these hehe!) A lovely handmade heart to hang in my hallway! Some beautiful rar rar press cards, a lovely, tingly burts bees lip balm, a sweet animal print scarf, and a really cute little charm :)
Elaine I love you!!!


curethisheart said...

woowwww! this is supercute ness! you got FLIPZ too! wooo! the animal print scarf will totaally suit you! i looove the panda cards! & oh my god- PINK TICTACS! what is this!!! love it!♥ x x

hapi-ness said...

hahaha they're grapefruit and they are amazing, we need to force the government to bring all the american sweeties here!! have you recieved your bits yet? :) x

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