Friday, 12 October 2007


Phew! it's been SO long since i posted anything on here :( i really need the internet at home! I have been making things recently but haven't been able to get photo's to upload onto here yet because of crappy camera, and awquardness of knowing when i will next be able to use a pc! So what's new? Well obviously i've been in uni now for a month, and i'm working on 3 different project at the moment. One is an illustration project about a button going on a journey, one is an animated self portrait, and one is a little 3d model, which i will show and explain once he is finished! I've also gone on some mass walks of lincoln to hunt out all of the good shops, and managed to find a whole road of fab craft and traditional toy/sweet shops. I've also spoken to some shop people who want to take a look at the stuff i make, so i might get to sell a few of my things in lincoln, how cool?!
I can't wait for halloween this year, mostly because it's an excuse to decorate my own home for the first time, yay! Also the Craftzine have brought out a range of contests for halloween, which i intend to try and enter a couple, check them out on the link in my side bar :) . Etsy also have a halloween contest, but it's for US residents only so that's pretty poo :(. Other than that though everybody, stay posted! after halloween or hopefully just before, i'll update with mass photos!
Stay posted!

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