Saturday, 2 June 2012

busy busy busy!

Well it seems like forever since my last post! I have been a very busy bee :) Last weekend it was my best friend Helen's hen party and we all went to london! It was a brilliant weekend, we stayed in a beautiful 3 story house in ealing We all arrived on friday and had lunch in town and then headed back for drinks before bedtime. On saturday we headed into london to have a morning glass moulding :) it was very warm and quite scary as everything was VERY hot!! But it was a really fun experience. I made a glass heart to hang in my hallway :) we had to leave our makes behind to cool so I havent seen the end result yet and I can't wait to see how it turned out :D We all had a lovely glass of bucks fizz afterwards and headed to the park for a picnic :) I made cupcakes (which i forgot to photograph!) but did get helen to go a bit katy perry :) After a lovely lunch it was back to the house where we all got dressed in secret! The whole hen weekend was a total suprise for helen and her sister blindfolded her so she had no idea what she, or any of us were wearing! She was greeted with a lounge full of wenches :D we'd booked a medieval feast by the tower of london and it was AWSOME! We had such a laugh and I can highly recommend it :) the feature by the "knights" was quite yummy too ;) Besides this I have also been planning for my own big day! After paying the deposit on Kelham as our venue I decided I really should show Mr S around! This is the room where it all happens :) the ceremony in the afternoon and the meal later on, it is so so pretty :)there are french windows all the way down the left side which (weather permitting) we'll have open all day after the ceremony :) Mr S approved and it is all starting to feel very real! Topped off with a fun day of trying wedding dresses on with my mum last tuesday :) Sadly we weren't allowed to take any pictures for some reason! But I did find one of the dresses which I fell in love with :) It doesn't look anywhere near as pretty in the picture as it does in the flesh :) it's a real stunner but it has a hefty price tag of £1200! However I did come away learning that I can actually pull off more fitted styles then I would have thought, so that was nice ;) (I decided to make a few decorations at work for the jubilee!) This week I'm off to download festival and I can't wait! The only bummer is I have no time off before to pack so it's going to be a bit of a mad dash! I hope all of you are having a wonderful june so far, and that the weather picks back up for all of us! Goodnight from me and my bitches :) xxx Ness xxx

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