Wednesday, 18 June 2008


ok i cba to upload all of my holiday pics again, so they're up on my facebook and my myspace page :) now then, time for something marvelous! today i finished my beautiful blue bunny doll. He has taken me months to actually get round to finishing, but i am so proud! His little feet have been part filled with rice to weigh them down so he can balance, he has lovely yellow gingham lining in his ears, sparkly blue eyes and the sweetest little face, and a gorgeous pom pom butt! i am in love!

Friday, 13 June 2008

oh dear

oh poo i haven't been on here in a long time! Well now let me think what's happened since the last time i posted....
hmmm well my livingroom has been decorated, i have an awsome stash of beautiful vintage suitcases, plus a vintage typewriter. I got back from Turkey last week, i've made a bunch of more cute thingies, plus i will be holding a craft stall in 2 weeks for my stuff! I can't wait, it will be my first ever attempt at a craft stall, so it will be really interesting! :)
will post a bunch of new photos up soon!

Wednesday, 19 March 2008


YAY! last week i put an order in at They had some kind of big sale on and had a load of things up for free :D so i decided to take advantage!
I got
Compliment cards + envelopes
Personalised cards + envelopes
My own hapi-ness stamp!
A cooooool t-shirt
500 pro business cards
500 pertty business cards
a bunch of personalised magnets
some large hapi-ness calendar magnets
a hapi-ness pen
3 hapi-ness post-it pads
How cool is that :D look at them all! I'm so happy!!

Now I'm planning on doing some business card swaps with other sellers, to get abit of advertising around :) I love my cards so much! The only down side to them is though, is that i didn't realise my etsy shop could be found under until after i'd ordered my cards, so all links are directed to here. However that's no worry, because if you have got one of my cards and searched this page, then please go and see my etsy! haha
If anybody would like to swap some business cards with me then let me know :)

Other than that all i'm upto this easter holidays is homework for uni, however i have knocked out a few little cute bits and bobs :) including a purple rose brooch which i have sold :D

A little bunny brooch from a button i made, which i finished sewing up yesterday :)

and i also finally finished my panda bear last week! She is sooo sweet :)

All in my shop now :D

Friday, 15 February 2008


happy valentines everybody! well for yesterday anyway. Unfortunately my valentines day didn't turn out so well. In the morning before uni me and matt went to the car so he could take me to the train station, and this is how we found our car

:( they stole about £400 worth of stuff and have ruined the window paneling where they broke in :( but we've managed to get the window fixed, have the car dusted for prints and replaced a few of the things which were stolen. Well it was definately the most interesting valentines day i've had in a while :P

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

latest pics of the latest thingies

Thought i should show off all my latest stash of goodies :)

<--gorgeous stash of fur fabric

<--i LOVE this message board, makes keeping up pictures so cute, and i also brought the awsome apple and bird hangers on the bottom of the board :)

<-- my awsome new slippers from MACY'S!

<--cupcake cookie jar from debenhams

<--way cool alessi orange juicer

<--bunch of honey fur fabric, 50p from a charity shop, and some gorgeous blue rafia

<--and finally, my sweet little momiji doll collection :)

etsy upload

well today i actually got around to snapping a few new pics of my old items, and they are now up again in my etsy store. Another cool thing today, i got a great big pile of fur fabrics to make some teddies :D all i need now are some teddy joints! watch this space!

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

new YORK

on a seperate topic now, i'm going to new york on tuesday for 5 days! I can't wait to go :D my friend natasha was meant to come with me but she didn't get to pay intime. So this week i intend to make a little dolly natasha to take around new york, so that she doesn't miss everything! I'm really looking forward to it, but i'm abitnervy at the same time. It's my first time out of the uk in quite a while, and i'm terrible with flying! Oh well should all work out fine :)

new look continued

woo well i have finally finished my painted background for my creations, and have decided to use matt the sock cat to show you how it looks :)

hopefully i'll get used to my new camera abit better soon, but for now the pictures are ok! this is the original background design i made on my laptop before painting it all on wood :)

And what else have i been upto? well a few weeks ago i downloaded a pattern to make a teddy bear. However it's not something i've actually done before, so my little trial ted came out a little bit scruffy! But i think she's still sweet :)
She isn't jointed or anything because I decided to do a few practise bears before using any proper materials. I had a few problems with the gingham fabric as it kept fraying, and all of her stitching was hand sewn, so she could be much neater!

and on each of her arms and legs i've sewn on a little button, to help me attatch all her peices together :)

not the VERY messy edges! the worst part was attatching the head, i had absolutly no idea how to go about that, but i vaguely got there in the end lol!

Thursday, 3 January 2008


wooo happy new year everyone. It's been a while since i've posted anything, but finally i have a new camera, and have decided to update the look of my etsy store :) which i think looks very pretty! also i intend to paint a background, to use behind all of my creations in photos for my etsy shop :) I can't wait to re-take all of my photo's, i hope you'll all like them!

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