Thursday, 24 December 2009

merry christmas!!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

christmas wish list part 2 - TOPSHOP

After a matter of minutes of walking into topshop on monday, i found sooooo many things that I wanted to take home with me!! Unfortunately topshop isn't the cheapest of places, and i have no money left at all! So for now, these are all a distant dream...

Please please please santa, bring me some topshop goodies!!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

all your dog wants for christmas is......

wow, ok so i treated myself to my 'once in a blue moon' gossip magazine yesterday, and in the christmas special of 'naff and weird' gifts, i stumbled across THIS!'s a sex toy for dogs, and the best part? it's about £360!!! but it made me laugh so much that i just had to share this with you all :) and if you want to buy one??? well first of all i'd recommend getting help, and then you can run along to :D

Sunday, 13 December 2009

christmas kitties

we have some cute little colar covers that are on sale at work :) I just couldn't resist getting one each for my little sweeties!!

merry catmas!!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Belated bunny

Thought I would FINALLY post up some pics of my final piece for the 'story about a rabbit' project, being as I told Kimberly that they were up on here and then realised they weren't! So here are 2 photo's of my crazy looking scary bunny :)

Monday, 7 December 2009

it's begining to look a lot like christmas

Well christmas is getting ever closer, and I have now put up all of my decorations! (well ok nearly all!) This year I have managed to get my hands on some gorgeous new tree decorations :) My dear mum and dad let me root through all of their old ornaments, and left me pulling out some gorgeous gold stars, shiny red baubles and a couple of rocking horse decorations. And Matt's lovely parents have given us some amazing floral and vintage picture covered baubles :D Coupled with our old decorations and a few of my own hand made ones, I think our tree is looking rather nice this year!

You can also see the lovely garland, snowmen hooks and bell decorations on my fireplace, along with our old stag decorations and, of course, our stockings!! I also have my 2 christmas tins on our coffee table, next to 2 of my teacup candles! Unfortunately we don't have many presents under the tree yet, but there is plenty of time until christmas ;)

And finally, my absolute favourite thing ever that I brought last week at the Nottingham German market. This GORGEOUS little mushroom incence burner is the sweetest thing ever. You put an incence cone inside the house, and the smoke comes out the chimney! How sweet is that!!
I am totally loving christmas this year, although I am not as prepared as usual! But sitting here in my living room, surrounded by such pretty things makes me feel so warm and cosy inside :)

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Holidays are coming!

Yahoo :D christmas is just around the corner, and although it seems to have really crept up on me this year, my tree is up and I'm rearing to go! I have spent the past few days desperately trying to find time to make some christmas decorations this year! My first plan was to make a bunch of these hand felted baubles :) I love them but I have already ran out of ribbon and balls! I promised the girls at Kathleen and Lily's that I'd have some christmassy things ready to hand in to them this week, but with the panic of how much time it can take to make these felt baubles, I went for plan 2!

These sweet little decorations are made from various upcycled fabrics, and have lovely hand stitched faces and a tiny little bell on their ribbon collars! But once again I have ran out of ribbon, so for now these little guys are all I have to show for my hard work :P but not to worry! Today I shall be storming the shops to get a whole new supply, and hope to turn a bunch more of these guys out by the end of the week :D

Friday, 20 November 2009

tea cup candles - the results

Today I finally got hold of my candle making bits, and with absolutly no experience in making candles at all, I jumped straight in :) Unfortunatly being the clumsy lady that I am, I managed to break the glass bottle of cherry frangrance all over the floor :( but on the plus side my kitchen smells lovely now!

I didn't buy enough wax to fill the cups as much as I would have liked, but I'm pleased with how these turned out so am now on the look out for more tea cups and saucers so that I can carry on making some more :D

Also! Yesterday was a super busy day for me, as I have FINALLY got around to finishing off my work space :) It's now all painted, and has had a big move around. I now have a bunch of new shelves, although I have a few left to put up, so once these are finished I will report back with photos!!
Not only this, but I have been finding some stunning bits from charity shops lately. The main things I have been buying have been tea cups (obviously!!) and lovely glass jars!! I found the most amazing floral glass jar yesterday, but I have plans to fill it up for christmas and will get some photos then ;)

Well I have to go away again now! I have a bunch of gift boxes to print on to present some of my bits in over christmas :D Take care all!!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Wow! Today I stumbled across the most amazing illustrator ever! Abigail Brown creates illustrations by using either her STUNNING fabric creations, or illustrating in the same style that she creates these softies! Right now I am planning my self directed project at uni, and am hoping to create a series of 3D dolls :D

Abigail's work is such an inspiration for this, as her style is exactly my cup of tea :D and I intend to keep a close eye on her work from now on!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

santa baby!

Well it's nearly christmas :D and what better excuse for a little window shopping??
I have been trawling the web all year, finding sooo many things that I am totally lusting over, and now I have the perfect excuse to show everybody else!!

These oh so stunning, limited edition dorothy shoes at Harrods! I would give my right arm to own these beauties, but they are only available in London and I can't afford to go there :(!!

A gorgeous Jan Constantine Pillow! There are sooo many to choose from!!

This covers two of my christmas wishes!! I want to collect some more lovely tea cups and saucers, but would also love to own the full Cath Kidston spray flower tableware collection too!

A set of GHD hair stylers!! And a little birdy tells me that these are already in my christmas stocking ;) hehe

This ADORABLE tiny polka dot tea set. Designed for kids in a lovely little wicker hamper. I don't care if I am too old for this!!

Some lovely vintage coloured glass jars and bottles :D I already found 2 amazing bottles in a charity shop a few weeks ago, and I think I have picked up a new habit!

And finally! (for now at least :P) I would LOVE anything from Chet and Dot at etsy! I have been following them for years and still need to pick exactly what I want!! Too hard to choose from such cute pieces :P

I will naturally carry on window shopping over the next few weeks running up to christmas! And so I'm sure I'll add more to my list during that time ;) So stick around!!

Happy potatoes!

I saw this advert on TV today and it made me smile :) a tiny little set of hands that cuddle potatoes!!! and a little fairy kiss of seasoning :D xxx

Monday, 16 November 2009

Pointless scribbling

I was very bored on friday and couldn't help but do some bored doodles of cats. Firstly because I am gradually becoming a cat lay :P and secondly because I do intend to create a range of cat themed toys soon! And because I am feeling thoroughly lazy today, I thought I'd share it with all of you :P Although some of the images are missing due to my silly scanner!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Excitement :)

Today I was given a whole bunch of lovely teacups and saucers :) One set in particular is a range of hand painted victorian cups, saucers, side plates and a sugar bowl. They are stunning but most of the cups have been badly damaged :(
However I'm not one to waste anything pretty :) so i have just treated myself to a bunch of candle making supplies, and intend to make some lovely teacup candles :D Will report back next week once I've made my attempt!

Friday, 6 November 2009


I am in need of some advice if anybody can help me out! I have a little love that I have always wanted to try out...making paper goods and stickers! I have seen some beautiful cards and stickers from the likes of Boygirlparty and Mpatrizio etc, and I really want to know how I'd go about getting some of my illustrations printed up on cards and stickers etc. If anyone can help me out I would be so grateful :)

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Festival chicks

My current uni project is to design packaging for a bar of soap to be handed out at a festival :) I have made mine out of various fabrics, but this is just the starting point! I still need to add my text and make a 3d model :)

Thursday, 29 October 2009

This makes me smile

i LOVE all of these amazing softies so much, but my favourite has to be the cotton candy :D check out more of these beauties at Scrumtiousdelight's etsy shop :)

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

When you just need a giggle

I have found one of the funniest sites I have ever come accross today and just had to share it with you all :)
regretsy Is full of the items listed on Etsy, that should never have been thought of, let alone created! And i love it :D

Secret Santa

I am taking part in another wonderful swap! Take a look and sign up at Kelly and Victoria's beautiful blog :D

Monday, 26 October 2009

My special little guy

I just had to show off this picture of little Jinx. He loves to drink tea and this pic is a great example of how small he really is!! awwwwwww.....

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Working progress

This is the working progress of my uni project :) I am making an interactive 3d toy, obviously he still needs arms and legs, and will also have detatchable wings, flippers and a little skirt! All based on 'the story of the rabbit' by Kurt Schwitters. He is taking a long time to make but I have been abit poorly for the last few days so i've had plenty of time to work on him :)

jinxy cat jinxy cat i love you

Say hello to the newest member of our little family, the adorable little jinx! Amazingly he is 5 months old but just hasn't grown, so he is sooo weeeny! He loves cuddles and tummy tickles, and is a real little lap cat compared to our little lady esme

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Thursday loves

1::Diecastme 2::Decades 3::Stylebrook 4::Rockymountainretro

Friday, 9 October 2009


here is a snapshot of my cupcake cards on the front page of etsy yesterday :) sent to me by the marvelous Melissa

Thursday, 8 October 2009

feature this!

Wow!!! today I was featured on the front page of Etsy for my cupcake cards! Which means I can finally use this!!


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