Monday, 7 December 2009

it's begining to look a lot like christmas

Well christmas is getting ever closer, and I have now put up all of my decorations! (well ok nearly all!) This year I have managed to get my hands on some gorgeous new tree decorations :) My dear mum and dad let me root through all of their old ornaments, and left me pulling out some gorgeous gold stars, shiny red baubles and a couple of rocking horse decorations. And Matt's lovely parents have given us some amazing floral and vintage picture covered baubles :D Coupled with our old decorations and a few of my own hand made ones, I think our tree is looking rather nice this year!

You can also see the lovely garland, snowmen hooks and bell decorations on my fireplace, along with our old stag decorations and, of course, our stockings!! I also have my 2 christmas tins on our coffee table, next to 2 of my teacup candles! Unfortunately we don't have many presents under the tree yet, but there is plenty of time until christmas ;)

And finally, my absolute favourite thing ever that I brought last week at the Nottingham German market. This GORGEOUS little mushroom incence burner is the sweetest thing ever. You put an incence cone inside the house, and the smoke comes out the chimney! How sweet is that!!
I am totally loving christmas this year, although I am not as prepared as usual! But sitting here in my living room, surrounded by such pretty things makes me feel so warm and cosy inside :)


curethisheart said...

oh Ness this is so lovely! the glittery reindeers certainly look proud pracning on your fireplace :D lovelllyyy♥ x

curethisheart said...
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