Friday, 18 March 2011


I feel really terrible about my birthday swap contributions so far due to very low funds and have recently been hit with yet another blow.
Unfortunately exactly one week after matty's bike was stolen, so was mine! Someone actually broke in to my garden and stole my beautiful vespa.
It was found by the police but unfortunately has been totally destroyed, every single part of it has either been pulled off and stolen or has been smashed to pieces.
This came exactly 4 days after I paid for it to go through it's MOT and brought brand new tyres and brake pads.
Unfortunately the insurance had just expired as I was going to start riding again last monday but will not get the chance to ever ride it again!
Because of this I am going to continue to put presents together, but they will have to be whatever I can afford! I had so many wonderful ideas for each and every one of you lovely ladies and am heartbroken that funds will not allow this.
I felt i needed to explain myself as I have not been satisfied with any of my gifts sent out so far, especially after seeing some of the lovely things people have been putting together! I am very very sorry!
Someday my cloud will have a silver lining!

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