Wednesday, 19 March 2008


YAY! last week i put an order in at They had some kind of big sale on and had a load of things up for free :D so i decided to take advantage!
I got
Compliment cards + envelopes
Personalised cards + envelopes
My own hapi-ness stamp!
A cooooool t-shirt
500 pro business cards
500 pertty business cards
a bunch of personalised magnets
some large hapi-ness calendar magnets
a hapi-ness pen
3 hapi-ness post-it pads
How cool is that :D look at them all! I'm so happy!!

Now I'm planning on doing some business card swaps with other sellers, to get abit of advertising around :) I love my cards so much! The only down side to them is though, is that i didn't realise my etsy shop could be found under until after i'd ordered my cards, so all links are directed to here. However that's no worry, because if you have got one of my cards and searched this page, then please go and see my etsy! haha
If anybody would like to swap some business cards with me then let me know :)

Other than that all i'm upto this easter holidays is homework for uni, however i have knocked out a few little cute bits and bobs :) including a purple rose brooch which i have sold :D

A little bunny brooch from a button i made, which i finished sewing up yesterday :)

and i also finally finished my panda bear last week! She is sooo sweet :)

All in my shop now :D

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