Friday, 26 March 2010

if you go down to the woods today

Say hello to my newest purchase from the lovely y0omii :D And I just have to show off her lovely lovely items. Just check out this awesome little easter buddy!

Some lovely papers?

Or some sweet gurumi!!

Y0omii is currently having a special offer in her shop, offering an extra 12% off items at the checkout :D I think they're all lovely, and definately wish I had more pennies to spend!!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

fun 50's

I have to share this with you all! For any of the lovely ladies out there that have a real love of vintage styles and fashion, if you haven't already, you simply MUST check out Lisa Freemont Street, a very pretty lady with a talent for showing us all how to create some lovely vintage looks!

freaky deaky

Ok the image isn't relevant, but it made me giggle :P Yesterday I went on my first scooter lesson! Was rather scary, but very fun :D Next week I am going on one more lesson and then having my test! Fingers crossed that it all goes well, just need to work on my confidence a little more! But sitting ontop of a 125cc engine for the first time will always be a little freaky :P

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Today I get to go shopping for some new motorbike gear to wear on my scooter, and I get to go on my first bike lesson too! I'm so very excited :) Should be driving around on my new ride in the next few weeks!

Monday, 22 March 2010

last change i promise!

haha so I got ithy fingers again and decided I didn't have quite enough colour in my blog! So, from inspiration of my happy pictures this morning, and the lovely background provided by Hot bliggity blogI have another new blog design! But i'm happy with this new layout, and have a couple of new buttons for anyone who wants to take them and post them around for me! This would make me happy =^_^=

happy monday!

Today when I woke up, I thought about all of the things that make me happy :) and right now I have no reason at all not to smile!! Last night I became the owner of a GORGEOUS red vespa, something i've always wanted :D After 2 weeks of very hard work, I have shifted 6lbs, and 2 inches from my body, and am still going strong :)

We have nearly finished our living room and it looks spiffing! I have the lovliest boyfriend ever who I had a wonderful day with yesterday :) The spring flowers in my garden have all sprouted, and we already have some beautiful colours!

Soon I will be finishing uni, and getting a full time job, which means I won't have to work any more weekends, after 7 years of working saturdays! And I have such lovely friends :) yes, life is good today!!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

sooo happy

Say hello to my new ride!! Just won this little beauty on ebay :D I have wanted a vespa since I was 12!! I think I might wee :D

Protect your chicken!

ok, so i'm a total saddo! I looovveeee Dokken so much, and although this is rather old now, it still makes me laugh every time. Protect your chicken from Dokken!
If you are as sad as me and you loved this too, you'll be glad to know they have more than one version of this vid!! Hurray!

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