Monday, 22 March 2010

happy monday!

Today when I woke up, I thought about all of the things that make me happy :) and right now I have no reason at all not to smile!! Last night I became the owner of a GORGEOUS red vespa, something i've always wanted :D After 2 weeks of very hard work, I have shifted 6lbs, and 2 inches from my body, and am still going strong :)

We have nearly finished our living room and it looks spiffing! I have the lovliest boyfriend ever who I had a wonderful day with yesterday :) The spring flowers in my garden have all sprouted, and we already have some beautiful colours!

Soon I will be finishing uni, and getting a full time job, which means I won't have to work any more weekends, after 7 years of working saturdays! And I have such lovely friends :) yes, life is good today!!


Kelly said...

Yay!!! You deserve it!!!!

hapi-ness said...

thank you kelly ^_^!! xx

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