Monday, 18 June 2007

crochet madness!

ok well about 2 days ago i finished making another crochet creation, a caramel bunny with a sweet hand felted mouth and fuzzy tail! here's a 360 view

after finishing this little guy i decided to take on something a little more adventurous, so i made a start on a crochet mermaid doll, she isn't finished yet but i thought i'd pop up a preview of the working progress :) obviously she needs a tail, arms, alot more hair and something to cover up her chest! then i inted to do abit more work on her eyes and add a view shiny beads here an there :) i'm quite proud of her so far, and she'll be up in my shop after she's finished :)


just thought i'd pop up a picture of my cute little hamster diesel :)

pic taken with my boyfriends phone cam.

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