Monday, 21 May 2007


just finished the blue sock....thing's girlfriend, lol aww aren't they cute :P

MORE socks

I've been pretty productive today, and have decided to make some more sock monsters, but to add abit more of a charm to them :) after getting quite alot of fleece last week, i decided to felt my own little patches to use for the faces of my latest monsters, and made them even sweeter by adding my own hand-sewn faces :) So far i have made a stripey sock cat
and a weird little blue thingy....currently working on a partner for him ;)

close ups of the faces to show felt and sewing :)
hand made felt ears, nose, and eye rims


ok i've done a couple more acrylic piccies over the day, i've got quite a big recycled canvas which became this :) , unfortunately the flash on my camera is horrible, and it's difficult to fit the full image into view. I also took the awsome idea of painting on vinyls from wren,check out her myspace. And i came up with just a little practise, whith a piccy of my bunny :)


Ok, i work in pets at home and i've been eyeing up one of these for a while now, so yesterday i decided to make my hamster super cool by buying him a chopper haha even if it is pink. He doesn't quite understand it yet, but when he does start to use it i'll try and get some pics :)

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