Friday, 9 November 2007


phew! at last i've managed to get photo's of my most recent stuff, so what have i been upto lately? well mostly crochet and jewellery making, i've made 7 charm bracelettes which i'm rather proud of :) and will be popping up on my etsy account today
I've also been making a range of crochet christmas decorations, which i intend to post on my etsy, as soon as i have created a full set. So far i've made a set of 3 snow men decorations and one polar bear, but i intend to make 2 more polar bears and 3 reindeers in the next couple of weeks :)
I'm ALSO working on a new, full size crochet panda doll. So far i've only made the head but i'm rather proud of it so far
And finally, a couple of weeks ago i made this lovely ape doll for university. I intend to sell her later next year after she has been marked, but i think she's lovely :)

Friday, 12 October 2007


Phew! it's been SO long since i posted anything on here :( i really need the internet at home! I have been making things recently but haven't been able to get photo's to upload onto here yet because of crappy camera, and awquardness of knowing when i will next be able to use a pc! So what's new? Well obviously i've been in uni now for a month, and i'm working on 3 different project at the moment. One is an illustration project about a button going on a journey, one is an animated self portrait, and one is a little 3d model, which i will show and explain once he is finished! I've also gone on some mass walks of lincoln to hunt out all of the good shops, and managed to find a whole road of fab craft and traditional toy/sweet shops. I've also spoken to some shop people who want to take a look at the stuff i make, so i might get to sell a few of my things in lincoln, how cool?!
I can't wait for halloween this year, mostly because it's an excuse to decorate my own home for the first time, yay! Also the Craftzine have brought out a range of contests for halloween, which i intend to try and enter a couple, check them out on the link in my side bar :) . Etsy also have a halloween contest, but it's for US residents only so that's pretty poo :(. Other than that though everybody, stay posted! after halloween or hopefully just before, i'll update with mass photos!
Stay posted!

Saturday, 1 September 2007

news flash!

Ok time for another blog update :) I have finally had my uni place confirmed and will be starting in 2 weeks! This hopefully means i'll have a little more access to the net and can then update more often :) tres excited! And i have also managed to get some photos of my goodies, especially my sock monsters! which are now up for sale :D along with other things! Including some way cool gift tags i've made from amy butler design paper! Also, this wednesday i took a trip with himself down to birmingham, where NATURALLY we brought 2 boxes of krispy kreme doughnuts. They didn't last very long *rubs belly* but i also made a collection of gift tags from the k.k box :) which will be on sale and on show soon. My laptop battery died before i could get a chance to upload all of my photos *pout* Other than that all i've really done is paint the hallway and bedroom of my flat, so i haven't been able to make very much lately, need more inspiration! But i do feel another 'rag knitting' session coming on very soon. Stay posted!

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

From down under

Woohoo i brought a Rosieok teddy a few weeks ago and today he arrived! meet brooklyn :D the super cuddely rabbit bear! i love him to pieces, he's had so much love already today and i'm no where near done! Rosie pays such close attention to detail, brooklyn came beautifully wrapped with a selection of cards with care instructions, information about rosie and a tiny amigurumi berry which i have attatched to my keys with a bunch of beads (in brooklyn's arm) I'm soooo happy with him!
This is me and brooklyn in my room at my parents house :D
Also as if recieving this wasn't cool enough, i also got a delivery yesterday from tongue tied jewellery. I brought a goody bag and a pack of beads, which meant i had the joy of opening a stash of way cute jewellery, beads and patches, and all the tools i need to create my own earrings etc :D it's like an early christmas!
yayyyy xx

Monday, 13 August 2007

away again

well today i'm back off to my internet-less flat so i wont be posting again for a while :( i still have loads of stuff to stick on etsy but i'm promising by the next time i come back here i'll have all the photo's ready! and i will be selling some of my beautiful little gift tags made from amy butler designer paper :) all lovely lovely stuff. Well now stay posted :)
ness xx

Thursday, 9 August 2007

dullety dull

well it's been a pretty un-eventfull week this week. All i've done is go to work and paint my bathroom. However i did have a very cool plus side, in that my 'gift tag stamper' arrived last saturday, so i can now make hundreds of uber cool gift tags :) which is awsome as i have a huge stash of designer paper at home just gagging to be made into something beautiful. So my current plan is to make a load of gift tags from my designer paper to put up on etsy :) unfortunately, i am in dire need of a new digital camera, as mine lives for a maximum of 10 minutes on fresh batteries. This means that untill i've saved up enough for a new camera, i can't get up any decent pictures of any of my creations for a while :( which also has stopped me being able to put my sock monsters up on etsy.
Oh and i got some great news 2 weeks ago aswell which i forgot to mention, i got straight distinctions in my college course which means i have a firm acceptance into uni :D go me!

Thursday, 2 August 2007

at last!

yesterday i spent the ENTIRE day sewing sock monsters, and i'm not exaggerating either! i had a mini break to cook dinner and walk the dog, but other than that, 10am to 11pm i was sewing! however i did manage to finish all 12 of my colour sock monsters :D have a little look hehe

as soon as i get individual pics they will be up on etsy :)

Wednesday, 1 August 2007


I am now at etsy! click the link!
i haven't got anything really in the shop yet, i don't have a credit card and i'm abit nervy about paying stuff out on my mums, so i daren't sell too much untill i give her some cash!
but still!! --------------------->

once you sock you just can't stop

ok so i said i'd sew a couple of faces today, but no, i stitched ALL the little faces this morning, and attatched them to their bodies, now i just need to make the bodies and this mini army is almost complete :) aren't they sweet? the felt looks a little tatty on some at the moment but don't forget this will all be stitched down once they are all stuffed and cuddely :)

Tuesday, 31 July 2007

preparation is key!

A war is amongst us...their troops are re-building....everyday their numbers multiply with no hint of stopping soon, can we defeat them? NEVER! The time of the sock monster is NOW!!
anyway..... today i have woken up with the worst eczema on my hands i have had in years, why? because last night i decided to use up every scrap of fleece i had left, to felt a face for every single sock i had to be made into a sock monster, how many socks is that? well here's a cropped example Like i said, an army is rising. Anyway i found myself, after making 20 little felt blobs for the sock monsters faces, i had a little fleece left over, so i went into further obsessive felting and made yet more felted blobs!
Tomorrow i'll probably start embroidering some little socky faces, and with all of those socks i should be entertained for the next month! but just incase i get abit bored, i also started shredding up all of my unwanted fabric, to make more balls of 'rag wool' so i can create ANOTHER rag bag, ooo how i love them. So far i only have 2 balls of shredded fabric but i'm working on a couple more :)

Hopefully i will have a huge stash of hand made goodies in the next month or so, and as soon as i get an etsy sellers account i hope that all of my creations find new homes :) Stay posted

Monday, 30 July 2007


Right then, i have decided i would love to follow in the foot steps of maralyn patrizio and my paper crane, and manage to get a few more hits on my blog, and get my softies more recognised and adopted. Hopefully as soon as i manage to get a sellers account on etsy this will be alot easier, but i will need all the help i can get. If ANYBODY comes accross this blog and you like what i do, please spread the word to people you think may like it :) i've counted up all of my socks and i have the potential to create another 19 sock monsters this week (huzzah) i would really really love to get all of my things recognised, as it will definately help me out in the future after uni, so please everybody help me out :)

Sunday, 29 July 2007

mermaid madness and all other jiggery

yyaayyy my mermaid is finally finished! well i say finished, she needs some wool trimming off where i attached her arms, and i might give her a few more beady accessories, but other than that she's all complete in her wooly-bendy-gloriness

also this week, i got a delivery of another iddy biddy mermaid from cynthia toy. i absolutly love it to pieces, she's so beautifully made with so much detail for her size. propertion? well compare her to my big fatty mermaid and you'll see!

how gorgeous is she! :D
anyway other news for now, my boyfriend is on holiday for 2 weeks, which means i'm dog-sitting at my parents house whilst they also go away. the plus side of this is this is where i left my sewing machine and safety eyes, and i just so happen to have brought a load of socks and i have 2 weeks in which to create a small army! mwahaha!
also i now have a maestro card, so with any luck i can now open an etsy account and all of my little minions can be adopted, now including all of my plates and mugs from my end of year show, oh and i got my college scores, straight distinctions so i will be going to university in a month! :D
peace out all xxxx and keep posted :D

Friday, 20 July 2007


ok, 3 weeks ago me and my boyfriend moved in to our new home, it's lovely but we don't have the internet there for now, untill we know if we can afford it :) so for the time being the only chance i have to make posts, is when i visit my parents and use their computer.
news updates? all of my plates and mugs from my final show are now for sale, if anybody is interested then please email me,, at some point i hope to take all of my creations to a craft fair to sell, as soon as there is one local enough to me, untill then though i'm afraid this blog will be pretty quiet :( but please stay posted! xxx

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Busy Bee

Wow i've been busy for the past week, I got news the other day that me and my boyfriend have been accepted for a flat we've applied for, so we'll be moving in together next week which is all very exciting! Unfortunately, this has meant i haven't had much time to do alot of crafting, however i have managed to do more work to my mermaid doll, and brought a few of my show items home which i hope to have up on sale soon, Will post images in my next post :)

Here's the on-going progress of my mermaid dolly, she just needs some arms!!

Monday, 18 June 2007

crochet madness!

ok well about 2 days ago i finished making another crochet creation, a caramel bunny with a sweet hand felted mouth and fuzzy tail! here's a 360 view

after finishing this little guy i decided to take on something a little more adventurous, so i made a start on a crochet mermaid doll, she isn't finished yet but i thought i'd pop up a preview of the working progress :) obviously she needs a tail, arms, alot more hair and something to cover up her chest! then i inted to do abit more work on her eyes and add a view shiny beads here an there :) i'm quite proud of her so far, and she'll be up in my shop after she's finished :)


just thought i'd pop up a picture of my cute little hamster diesel :)

pic taken with my boyfriends phone cam.

Thursday, 14 June 2007


i brought some white canvas shoes a few weeks ago and was determined to paint them, today i finally have! yay for cool shoes! lol

now i just need some laces!

Wednesday, 13 June 2007


ok well i've been doing abit of shopping the past few days and was really happy to find this beautiful patchwork blanket in a charity shop, it was abit dirty when i brought it but i managed to get it cleaned up and fresh again :) i've always wanted a patchwork blanket, but i never had the patience to make one myself.

other news: i'm in the process of setting up another site where people can buy my creations :) after next week my plates and mugs from my show will be up for sale on my site also. keep an eye out for it!

Saturday, 9 June 2007


well as of last night, our college final shows have opened, and i've decided to take a couple of photo's of my final display. The images are abit blurry but the general idea was to create some bitchy ceramic-ware, worthy of a gift shop :) i also have my portfolio,sketchbook, and contact cards on this display.

close up of my hanging mugs and final plates.

All of my plates and mugs are for sale, at £3.50 for a mug and £6.50 for a plate :) the plates with only gold on are suitable for use, but the other original blue plates are better suited for just decoration :)

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

old bag!

ok about a year or 2 ago i knitted this bag out of different coloured satin shreds, i lined it with abit of the left over orange satin, and untill now i loved it, with the exception of the crappy handles it used to have, however i've just dug it out from under my bed, and added 2 wooden handles, painted red and white in acrylic. Now i just need to add one of my tags and it'll be all done :) if anybody is interested in buying anything from my blog just leave a comment and let me know :)

Monday, 21 May 2007


just finished the blue sock....thing's girlfriend, lol aww aren't they cute :P

MORE socks

I've been pretty productive today, and have decided to make some more sock monsters, but to add abit more of a charm to them :) after getting quite alot of fleece last week, i decided to felt my own little patches to use for the faces of my latest monsters, and made them even sweeter by adding my own hand-sewn faces :) So far i have made a stripey sock cat
and a weird little blue thingy....currently working on a partner for him ;)

close ups of the faces to show felt and sewing :)
hand made felt ears, nose, and eye rims


ok i've done a couple more acrylic piccies over the day, i've got quite a big recycled canvas which became this :) , unfortunately the flash on my camera is horrible, and it's difficult to fit the full image into view. I also took the awsome idea of painting on vinyls from wren,check out her myspace. And i came up with just a little practise, whith a piccy of my bunny :)


Ok, i work in pets at home and i've been eyeing up one of these for a while now, so yesterday i decided to make my hamster super cool by buying him a chopper haha even if it is pink. He doesn't quite understand it yet, but when he does start to use it i'll try and get some pics :)

Monday, 14 May 2007

Goodies :)

And finally (for now atleast) i have gotten a bunch of goodies over the past week. My college tutor was kind enough to give me some coloured fleeces and i also brought a bunch of safety eyes for future creations, which are in some awsome colours :)

This is also the working progress of my next softie, using a pair of my new light blue eyes :)

SOCKS continued

here are 2 more little sock men i made about a month ago, they havent got mouths yet but i plan to add those later :)


Oooh dear i haven't posted in too long! My final college show is coming up at the start of june so i've been so busy making all my pieces :) will be sure to take some pics of the final thing! anyway near the start of my project i went into a charity shop to have a look around and found this lovely hand made white teddy bear. His wonky smile was too cute and i had to have him :) then i decided to give him abit of a spray of colour and named him geoff :)

Saturday, 14 April 2007


ok so i decided yesterday to attempt to make a sock monkey, only about half way through i went wrong, and decided to make... sock monsters!! these 2 are my first little ones, happy and sad :) i actually love them to bits haha! will definately be making some more soon!

Friday, 13 April 2007


yyaayyy at last! My own little labels have come, and how cute are they! From now on all of my little creations will have one of these labels attatched, so if anyone ever wants to buy one you know where it came from....ME :) xxx

My lovely easter bunny showing off her label bum

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