Sunday, 29 July 2007

mermaid madness and all other jiggery

yyaayyy my mermaid is finally finished! well i say finished, she needs some wool trimming off where i attached her arms, and i might give her a few more beady accessories, but other than that she's all complete in her wooly-bendy-gloriness

also this week, i got a delivery of another iddy biddy mermaid from cynthia toy. i absolutly love it to pieces, she's so beautifully made with so much detail for her size. propertion? well compare her to my big fatty mermaid and you'll see!

how gorgeous is she! :D
anyway other news for now, my boyfriend is on holiday for 2 weeks, which means i'm dog-sitting at my parents house whilst they also go away. the plus side of this is this is where i left my sewing machine and safety eyes, and i just so happen to have brought a load of socks and i have 2 weeks in which to create a small army! mwahaha!
also i now have a maestro card, so with any luck i can now open an etsy account and all of my little minions can be adopted, now including all of my plates and mugs from my end of year show, oh and i got my college scores, straight distinctions so i will be going to university in a month! :D
peace out all xxxx and keep posted :D


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