Tuesday, 31 July 2007

preparation is key!

A war is amongst us...their troops are re-building....everyday their numbers multiply with no hint of stopping soon, can we defeat them? NEVER! The time of the sock monster is NOW!!
anyway..... today i have woken up with the worst eczema on my hands i have had in years, why? because last night i decided to use up every scrap of fleece i had left, to felt a face for every single sock i had to be made into a sock monster, how many socks is that? well here's a cropped example Like i said, an army is rising. Anyway i found myself, after making 20 little felt blobs for the sock monsters faces, i had a little fleece left over, so i went into further obsessive felting and made yet more felted blobs!
Tomorrow i'll probably start embroidering some little socky faces, and with all of those socks i should be entertained for the next month! but just incase i get abit bored, i also started shredding up all of my unwanted fabric, to make more balls of 'rag wool' so i can create ANOTHER rag bag, ooo how i love them. So far i only have 2 balls of shredded fabric but i'm working on a couple more :)

Hopefully i will have a huge stash of hand made goodies in the next month or so, and as soon as i get an etsy sellers account i hope that all of my creations find new homes :) Stay posted


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