Wednesday, 1 July 2009

adopt me!

I have put strawberry bear in my etsy shop as i think she may have a better chance to be adopted by the international market! I really want her to find a lovely new home soon, so if anybody would like her then go to my shop! :D

Tuesday, 30 June 2009


This morning i recieved a beautiful softy from marilyn patrizio :D i have been a huge fan of hers for years now, and she is the inspiration that got me into amigurumi! Her blog is listed on my links ---------------> :D
here is the little sweety i brought hanging out with strawberry girl :D

Monday, 29 June 2009

Make tea not war, the photos!

Here are some photo's of all the stalls from the sneinton tea day yesterday :D
my stall :)
sarah's lovely jewellery
jane and amy's stall
april and jo's stall
curiosity haus
happy ladies! haha
part of liams stall
the other part!
kushdi t-shirts with matt getting in on the picture!
Katie's lovelies!
some more lovely jewellery and crafts!
Gillians lovely stall
buy tea and cake!
the softies!

my close up :P
Now yesterday was a bit of a disaster for me, unfortunately i discovered that my online shopping ended up with me recieving bread flour rather than self raising, so i couldn't make my chocolate cake :( my rock cakes turned out a disaster for the first time ever! And I have lost an entire bag of stock somewhere! So i have lost out on the potential of about £20/£30 of stock to sell :(!!! On the other hand it was a lovely day when we were all there, and plenty of fun natters with everybody :p who can't enjoy a day surrounded by pretty things!

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