Wednesday, 15 July 2009

in love with my stuff

Well today is a lovely day :) I have been a busy girl again and have also recieved a bunch of all the beautiful things i have brought over the past week from the internet! My most treasured item is this beautiful panda brooch which a lovely lady called em from etsy made for me :) check out her stuff! The brooch is so beautiful, and em's product photo's are so stunning i just had to have them too! Which now are in proud place on my wall of loveliness in my office, which help to keep me happy and inspired!

I also recieved my order from and just had to show off a selection of things i brought, and also a couple of bits i picked up in birmingham last week!

These include a set of 3 lovely dish brushes by rice, a bargain at £5 for all three! A gorgeouse red riding hood mug, a san-x bowl, panda chopsticks, a cram cream pink cup, and my stunning paperchase tea set!
I have also been a little bit busy again today, and have finished off two new dolls and 4 new prints!

I don't really like the photo's but i'm crap with a camera anyway :P
and ffiinnaaalllllyyyyyy! Two days ago I got my latest tattoo :) it is a little less red today so i took a photo, but it still has a long way to go to be as light as it will be :)

Designed whilst zoning out half way through a lecture last year at uni!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

busy boots

Yesterday i decided to be a busy girl after finally finding some white block print ink! I made a whole bunch of cupcake cards and printed ribbon :) i love it!

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