Friday, 9 November 2007


phew! at last i've managed to get photo's of my most recent stuff, so what have i been upto lately? well mostly crochet and jewellery making, i've made 7 charm bracelettes which i'm rather proud of :) and will be popping up on my etsy account today
I've also been making a range of crochet christmas decorations, which i intend to post on my etsy, as soon as i have created a full set. So far i've made a set of 3 snow men decorations and one polar bear, but i intend to make 2 more polar bears and 3 reindeers in the next couple of weeks :)
I'm ALSO working on a new, full size crochet panda doll. So far i've only made the head but i'm rather proud of it so far
And finally, a couple of weeks ago i made this lovely ape doll for university. I intend to sell her later next year after she has been marked, but i think she's lovely :)

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