Monday, 14 May 2007

Goodies :)

And finally (for now atleast) i have gotten a bunch of goodies over the past week. My college tutor was kind enough to give me some coloured fleeces and i also brought a bunch of safety eyes for future creations, which are in some awsome colours :)

This is also the working progress of my next softie, using a pair of my new light blue eyes :)

SOCKS continued

here are 2 more little sock men i made about a month ago, they havent got mouths yet but i plan to add those later :)


Oooh dear i haven't posted in too long! My final college show is coming up at the start of june so i've been so busy making all my pieces :) will be sure to take some pics of the final thing! anyway near the start of my project i went into a charity shop to have a look around and found this lovely hand made white teddy bear. His wonky smile was too cute and i had to have him :) then i decided to give him abit of a spray of colour and named him geoff :)

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