Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Holidays are coming!

Yahoo :D christmas is just around the corner, and although it seems to have really crept up on me this year, my tree is up and I'm rearing to go! I have spent the past few days desperately trying to find time to make some christmas decorations this year! My first plan was to make a bunch of these hand felted baubles :) I love them but I have already ran out of ribbon and balls! I promised the girls at Kathleen and Lily's that I'd have some christmassy things ready to hand in to them this week, but with the panic of how much time it can take to make these felt baubles, I went for plan 2!

These sweet little decorations are made from various upcycled fabrics, and have lovely hand stitched faces and a tiny little bell on their ribbon collars! But once again I have ran out of ribbon, so for now these little guys are all I have to show for my hard work :P but not to worry! Today I shall be storming the shops to get a whole new supply, and hope to turn a bunch more of these guys out by the end of the week :D

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