Thursday, 30 July 2009


ok i blame tash for this entirely! For the past few months i am becoming a bigger and bigger fan of pink! So here is a lovely pink new layout for my blog :) hope everyone likes it!!

Monday, 27 July 2009

swapping crazy!

oh my gosh i am close to peeing myself with anticipation today! I have signed up for a fantastic swapping opportunity, with the emphasis of a great package! i LOVE getting things in the mail, it is the source of my obsession with internet shopping! Nothing is as exciting as getting up in the morning, opening the door and being greeted by a beautiful package, usually held by a strange looking guy in a florecent orange uniform...but non the less it is still an amazing thing :) I have been a part of a few swaps before, but this is the first international swap I will have joined. I am so excited to start picking things up for my swap partners, i already have a bunch of stuff planned! And i can't wait to recieve all of my pretties as well :) They have also extended the closing date for entries, so everyone still has time to sign up!

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