Tuesday, 4 August 2009

letterpress and giggles

last night i did a little doodle and decided to share it with you all :) I do actually quite like the kings of leon, and this little picture is inspired by their lovely tune, 'sex on fire'

Also, i recieved a lovely bunch of letter press last week which i had a little experiment with :) Will definately have more to come! But letterpress makes doggy happy!

Other than that I have been feeling fairly poorly for the past few weeks and just have been too run down to do anything! I have another request for an illustrated mug to do, and i also decided that after buying a few pairs of GORGEOUS new shoes, I am going to illustrate all of the shoes I own :) that will take a while!! But these plans are still in progress, and as soon as i feel a little less dead, i WILL do them all!! x

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