Saturday, 6 February 2010

for him

Today's top picks are from etsy, showing a few nice little gift ideas for your man :D I absolutely love the silver guitar pick ^.^



Friday, 5 February 2010

Today I have been trailing through the wonders of Etsy, and have picked out my favourite creations to make your home feel a little more loved up for valentines day :)

Thursday, 4 February 2010

All you need is love

I am so excited for this years valentines day! I have the whole weekend booked off which means 3 solid days of loveliness with my little ewok :3 this morning I decided to get all of my pressies and card online, and boy are there alot of cool things to chose from!
First up are some AMAZING cards from Marks and Spencers, this is where mine is from!

a jolly quick briefing

Hello All! As you may have noticed I have not been around very much for about a month now! This is due to my wonderful gift of everything going wrong at the same time. As you know I lost my laptop last month due to various buggaries from viruses and an old hard drive. This was fixed and I had vista put onto my laptop, but then none of the drivers would download so it's still unusable! So right now I am on my partner's iddy biddy laptop as a temporary solution. Also I have been super poorly over the past few weeks, and have had to stay in bed for LITERALLY a whole week! it was HORRIBLE! I can finally move around abit more now and should be fit to actually leave my house next week! Until I get my laptop fixed I can't produce any images or graphics, so for now any posts I make will have to be from found images, but it's better than nothing :D So as of right now I plan to get us all in the mood for valentines day!! xxxxxx

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