Thursday, 4 February 2010

a jolly quick briefing

Hello All! As you may have noticed I have not been around very much for about a month now! This is due to my wonderful gift of everything going wrong at the same time. As you know I lost my laptop last month due to various buggaries from viruses and an old hard drive. This was fixed and I had vista put onto my laptop, but then none of the drivers would download so it's still unusable! So right now I am on my partner's iddy biddy laptop as a temporary solution. Also I have been super poorly over the past few weeks, and have had to stay in bed for LITERALLY a whole week! it was HORRIBLE! I can finally move around abit more now and should be fit to actually leave my house next week! Until I get my laptop fixed I can't produce any images or graphics, so for now any posts I make will have to be from found images, but it's better than nothing :D So as of right now I plan to get us all in the mood for valentines day!! xxxxxx


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