Saturday, 1 September 2007

news flash!

Ok time for another blog update :) I have finally had my uni place confirmed and will be starting in 2 weeks! This hopefully means i'll have a little more access to the net and can then update more often :) tres excited! And i have also managed to get some photos of my goodies, especially my sock monsters! which are now up for sale :D along with other things! Including some way cool gift tags i've made from amy butler design paper! Also, this wednesday i took a trip with himself down to birmingham, where NATURALLY we brought 2 boxes of krispy kreme doughnuts. They didn't last very long *rubs belly* but i also made a collection of gift tags from the k.k box :) which will be on sale and on show soon. My laptop battery died before i could get a chance to upload all of my photos *pout* Other than that all i've really done is paint the hallway and bedroom of my flat, so i haven't been able to make very much lately, need more inspiration! But i do feel another 'rag knitting' session coming on very soon. Stay posted!

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