Thursday, 2 August 2007

at last!

yesterday i spent the ENTIRE day sewing sock monsters, and i'm not exaggerating either! i had a mini break to cook dinner and walk the dog, but other than that, 10am to 11pm i was sewing! however i did manage to finish all 12 of my colour sock monsters :D have a little look hehe

as soon as i get individual pics they will be up on etsy :)

Wednesday, 1 August 2007


I am now at etsy! click the link!
i haven't got anything really in the shop yet, i don't have a credit card and i'm abit nervy about paying stuff out on my mums, so i daren't sell too much untill i give her some cash!
but still!! --------------------->

once you sock you just can't stop

ok so i said i'd sew a couple of faces today, but no, i stitched ALL the little faces this morning, and attatched them to their bodies, now i just need to make the bodies and this mini army is almost complete :) aren't they sweet? the felt looks a little tatty on some at the moment but don't forget this will all be stitched down once they are all stuffed and cuddely :)

Tuesday, 31 July 2007

preparation is key!

A war is amongst us...their troops are re-building....everyday their numbers multiply with no hint of stopping soon, can we defeat them? NEVER! The time of the sock monster is NOW!!
anyway..... today i have woken up with the worst eczema on my hands i have had in years, why? because last night i decided to use up every scrap of fleece i had left, to felt a face for every single sock i had to be made into a sock monster, how many socks is that? well here's a cropped example Like i said, an army is rising. Anyway i found myself, after making 20 little felt blobs for the sock monsters faces, i had a little fleece left over, so i went into further obsessive felting and made yet more felted blobs!
Tomorrow i'll probably start embroidering some little socky faces, and with all of those socks i should be entertained for the next month! but just incase i get abit bored, i also started shredding up all of my unwanted fabric, to make more balls of 'rag wool' so i can create ANOTHER rag bag, ooo how i love them. So far i only have 2 balls of shredded fabric but i'm working on a couple more :)

Hopefully i will have a huge stash of hand made goodies in the next month or so, and as soon as i get an etsy sellers account i hope that all of my creations find new homes :) Stay posted

Monday, 30 July 2007


Right then, i have decided i would love to follow in the foot steps of maralyn patrizio and my paper crane, and manage to get a few more hits on my blog, and get my softies more recognised and adopted. Hopefully as soon as i manage to get a sellers account on etsy this will be alot easier, but i will need all the help i can get. If ANYBODY comes accross this blog and you like what i do, please spread the word to people you think may like it :) i've counted up all of my socks and i have the potential to create another 19 sock monsters this week (huzzah) i would really really love to get all of my things recognised, as it will definately help me out in the future after uni, so please everybody help me out :)

Sunday, 29 July 2007

mermaid madness and all other jiggery

yyaayyy my mermaid is finally finished! well i say finished, she needs some wool trimming off where i attached her arms, and i might give her a few more beady accessories, but other than that she's all complete in her wooly-bendy-gloriness

also this week, i got a delivery of another iddy biddy mermaid from cynthia toy. i absolutly love it to pieces, she's so beautifully made with so much detail for her size. propertion? well compare her to my big fatty mermaid and you'll see!

how gorgeous is she! :D
anyway other news for now, my boyfriend is on holiday for 2 weeks, which means i'm dog-sitting at my parents house whilst they also go away. the plus side of this is this is where i left my sewing machine and safety eyes, and i just so happen to have brought a load of socks and i have 2 weeks in which to create a small army! mwahaha!
also i now have a maestro card, so with any luck i can now open an etsy account and all of my little minions can be adopted, now including all of my plates and mugs from my end of year show, oh and i got my college scores, straight distinctions so i will be going to university in a month! :D
peace out all xxxx and keep posted :D

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