Friday, 1 May 2009

exciting times

woohooo! Well times are getting more and more interesting in the world of ness at the minute. First of all because of all the lush panda stuff i've managed to gather in the past few weeks! (will upload pics later!) But also because I am now a member of the nottingham craft mafia ( have a look!) and will have a place in their store to sell some of my things! *squeal* and also because next week i finish my second year at uni! one more to go! on the downside this does mean i'm having to knock alot of work out and re-do quite a few bits, but so far so good. I've decided to upload a few of my latest bits and favourite bits of work from the last couple of months, so enjoy!
<--the wrath of khaan
<--cowboy beans project
<--under milk wood Gossamer Benyon
<--under milk wood Mae Rose Cottage
<--under milk wood Myfanwy Price

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