Friday, 18 May 2012

exciting times

Well it's been a little while since my last post, i've been a very busy bee! After looking a round a few venues I found the perfect place :) and am very VERY excited to announce that we have booked in and set a date :D We'll be getting married on our 7th anniversary on the 27th of April :) and I'm so pleased it's on the same day! Here's the beautiful place I chose :D Sadly I don't have any more pictures (yet!) but it is so beautiful inside and out :) The funtion room where the reception will be held is stunning, wooden floors and french doors all down the side wall so, weather permitting, we'll be able to open them up and have lots of lovely things outside for people to enjoy :D And with the excitement of setting a date and the limited timescale that my parents are in the country has led me to start looking at dresses (11months in advance!) My friend helen is getting married next month and purchased her dress online :) after showing me the website I spotted this beauty It is a stunner, nearly exactly what I pictured I wanted Sadly I'm not as skinny as the lovely model in the dress so until I've actually tried some different styles on I can only look at this and see what dress shopping turns up :) In the meantime I have to start thinking of some more ideas for evening entertainment and other things to make the day extra special :) I've brought a bunch of glass bonbon jar's and bowls in prep for my own candy buffet :D something I am very decided on! Does anybody have any suggestions or idea's? I'd love to hear them :) Take care all xxx Ness xxx

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