Thursday, 23 September 2010

To a wonderful lady

The wonderful Coco Rose aka Vanessa (best name in the world by the way ;) lol!) has Been kind enough to give me this wonderful award! Vanessa has been so lovely to me and is a genuinely amazing lady :) so this is a big thanks!!
Right now time for the award game :) apparently I now need to tell you all 7 things about little old me that you didn't know! So here it goes! :D

1. Growing up I was always a tomboy, being the only girl with two big brothers meant I used to love nothing more than climbing trees and getting dirty :) I still act like a total boy in many aspects of life! Although now I'm getting older I am definately a big fan of all things pink and fluffy :D

2. Up until the beginning of this year I had NEVER tried carrot cake! I have always been a very very fussy eater, and was never convinced by carrots in cake! However after making it for a friend I have become hooked :) it in now my firm favourite, even more than chocolate! :O

3. i LOVE flowers! Growing up I always wanted my own garden where I could grow all manner of flowers and fruit and veggies :D Unfortunately now I do have my own garden, the evil neighbour at the end of our garden has blocked out all of our sunlight with his evil 25ft hedges! Boo!!

4. As I mentioned earlier I have always been a very fussy eater, and there is nothing I hate more than mushrooms! The main thing that puts me off foods is the texture, and there is just nothing to like for me about mushrooms! The only time they make it into my dinner is if they are chopped and diced to itsy bitsy teeny weeeeeeny pieces!!

5. I am a total horror movie buff! I have been a big fan of horror since a very young age :) I just do not scare! I see all new horror movies as a challenge to see if they creep me out :P

6. I am a metal head :) I may love all things pink and pretty, and may love my home to look like the love child of laura ashley and cath kidston! But deep down I love nothing more than having a good rock session :D although the majority of the time I do listen to the milder side of rock ;) I especially love dokken, journey and the scorpions!

7. And finally I am peter pan! Well the lady version of course :P I never ever grew up! Deep down I am just a big kid, nothing makes me happier than being surrounded by sweets and cuddly toys! I am especially in love with all things sanrio, or anything over-cute ;)
And now that you all know about the weird and wonderful world of ness, I must pick another 5 lovely blogs to pass this award on to :) and they are...........
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I heart Jam Tart

Today I decided to treat myself to a little retail therapy after a pretty stressful week :) my first purchase was this yummy yummy jug from jam tart. This particular jug was actually for sale at one of my local favourite shops, and the best part was it was reduced from £25 to £16 :D yay!
Jam tart do lots of lovely lovely things :) here's a couple of my other favourite jam tart designs :)

I have a bit of a crazy obsession with storage jars, i just can't get enough :D

This lovely design is actually a tea towel! And it's in the sale :D wow!

I also went in to T K MAXX to treat myself to a new leather jacket :D it's not exactly the same as the one in the photo, but it is lovely! I also brought the most gorgeous long brown woolen coat. It's a little too big for me, but it is so comfortable i feel like a princess in it! Will get some photo's when it's not raining so much outside! Thanks to all you wonderful ladies who have sent me your wishes and comments, I appreciate it so much and you have all made me feel so much better :) I love you all! xxx

Monday, 20 September 2010

feeling down :(

Just when things were picking up, everything has come crashing back down again! This past week has been a nightmare and I am in need of a SERIOUS pick-me-up! I have been feeling very very poorly for the past few days, i feel dizzy and sweaty and achy all the time :( so I have taken 2 days off work to try and get myself fighting fit again!
Also this weekend I have decided to take a break away from Mr S, and he has moved back in with his mum and dad for a few weeks whilst we work out some problems in our relationship.
********I have removed this part of my post just in case some certain silly people take it the wrong way, not worth it!!********
. So the agenda for the rest of the day? Lots of tea and pretty blog/shop browsing, it always makes me feel better :)

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