Thursday, 3 June 2010


Today comes armed with a mini rant! The sun is out and it is so lovely and warm outside! Unfortunately, due to lack of funds, our garden is on hold at the minute, so isn't very nice to sit outside in at the minute, but a couple of ice lollies on the grass is always nice ;) unfortunately, it is now time for the BIGGEST annoyance of the year!

BUGS AND FLIES!! We have a fly screen on our back door, but it doesn't reach the ground (i know, pointless right?) and then because of the heat, I have all of our windows open. My cats wont go outside now, because they're having much too much fun chasing flies around the house. I think I now have more wildlife in here than I do in my garden!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

the little mermaid

Yesterday morning I became the very lucky owner of a little treasure chest :) the wonderful Lucy from crafting in the beach hut was one of my swp partners from the fairytale swap (I forgot to count myself in with everybody else who joined in!) I chose to recieve the little mermaid, and this is what i got :)

This was the pretty selection when i opened up the lid of my parcel

I got so many goodies, including a disney cd, picture frame, little book, small treasure chest, lots of little shells and stones, little charms and coins, a lovely for to brush my hair! the prettiest tin ever, a hand made phone case, a pack of otsits, some fabric, a little necklace and bracelet, a gorgeous apple mug, some disney stickers, a little glass fish and a hand made card! wow!

I love this little tin that some of my bits came in :) it is the cutest little thing ever. Thanks Lucy!
I've popped these photos up on the flickr group, don't forget to put yours up too :)

Monday, 31 May 2010

mixed up

Hello all of my lovely ladies. Well this weekend has been a pretty awsome one, on saturday me and matt went to a pool party in leicster which was brilliant, and then followed it up at a bbq party on sunday. Lots of drinking and messing around, which i've missed so much!
Unfortunately, today gave us abit of a blow, as my partner's boss (who is a total JERK!) has decided to foot us with a bill for a mistake on a job from a few months ago. The bill is £290, nearly £100 more than matt earns in a week. His boss, i may add, earns around £1400 per week minimum. He is also the type of man that will let matt work for a week and then not pay him, to try and "get the money back." For the past 6 months or so matt has been getting into a horrible state of stress from constantly getting rubbish from work. Unfortunately, he has been in the plumbing industry for 5 years now, has no experience in any other kind of job, and with the lack of income and extremely high outgoings this month, it is certainly getting on top of both of us!

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