Thursday, 3 June 2010


Today comes armed with a mini rant! The sun is out and it is so lovely and warm outside! Unfortunately, due to lack of funds, our garden is on hold at the minute, so isn't very nice to sit outside in at the minute, but a couple of ice lollies on the grass is always nice ;) unfortunately, it is now time for the BIGGEST annoyance of the year!

BUGS AND FLIES!! We have a fly screen on our back door, but it doesn't reach the ground (i know, pointless right?) and then because of the heat, I have all of our windows open. My cats wont go outside now, because they're having much too much fun chasing flies around the house. I think I now have more wildlife in here than I do in my garden!


Maria said...

Ha Ha, just lie back close your eyes and enjoy the sunshine :D

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