Monday, 31 May 2010

mixed up

Hello all of my lovely ladies. Well this weekend has been a pretty awsome one, on saturday me and matt went to a pool party in leicster which was brilliant, and then followed it up at a bbq party on sunday. Lots of drinking and messing around, which i've missed so much!
Unfortunately, today gave us abit of a blow, as my partner's boss (who is a total JERK!) has decided to foot us with a bill for a mistake on a job from a few months ago. The bill is £290, nearly £100 more than matt earns in a week. His boss, i may add, earns around £1400 per week minimum. He is also the type of man that will let matt work for a week and then not pay him, to try and "get the money back." For the past 6 months or so matt has been getting into a horrible state of stress from constantly getting rubbish from work. Unfortunately, he has been in the plumbing industry for 5 years now, has no experience in any other kind of job, and with the lack of income and extremely high outgoings this month, it is certainly getting on top of both of us!


LaaLaa said...

Oh, I'm so sorry Ness! Get some advice tomorrow as he should be insured for mistakes, surely! I've never heard anything like it. Good luck! Lynda xxx

RosieP said...

Mmm I agree with Lynda, I would get some advice about that. Could Matt not go out on his own, people always want good plumbers.

Hope you get it sorted out.

Hugs RosieP x

hapi-ness said...

Technically he's self employed, as in he isn't on the books for his boss. However, his boss controls all work that matt gets and takes a substancial amount of money out of it, so matt earns around £50 a day. He's been trying to find plumbing jobs on his own but there doesn't seem to be much going, it's all a big kerfuffle x

Red Riding said...

i hate employers like that,they think they can get away with anything!
i was going to say the same as rosiep,he could always try and start out on his own,people with trades like him always get work.
rachel x

Michelle said...

Oh that is such a bummer! Some people are just so rotten in life!! On the plus side, I'm really glad I came across you're blog - it is just gorgeous!! Take care Mx

Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Hey Ness, that is just pants!!!
My other half works in plumbing for a big builders suppliers and he said that your bloke shouldn't have to pay the boss back, the boss/company should deal with it.
And if he is not on the books then no accountabilty either.
Glad the pool party was fun, chin up hun you have a couple of weeks off to chill now.
Luv Sophie xxx

Alexandra Mason said...

Thats awful, my partner works in the building industry too, self employed, it never seems to be straight forward. Glad you had a fun weekend xx

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