Thursday, 10 June 2010

silly virgin

Hello all! sorry i haven't been around alot lately, my internet has been down since the storms on saturday, and rather annoyingly virgin have an automated message to tell me it's broken, rather then telling when it will be fixed! At the moment i'm at my partner's parents house, which is quite litterally a quater of a mile up the road from us, yet their virgin internet is fine! Anyway, i hope you are all ok and that you've mostly recieved your swap goodies :) I will have a look at posts and pictures once my net is back up, as this computer's keyboard doesn't work properly!!! in other news, I have been working with dwell since monday and i love it :) am very pleased to have left pets at home!! Take care all :) xxx


Red Riding said...

you are the 3rd person in 1 day saying how poopydoop virgin is and we only transferred to them last night lol!!
sky and b.t are just as rubbish though so not much anyone can do =(
hope it gets sorted out soon


Maria said...

Glad that you are enjoying it at dwell :)

Pink Milk said...

Hi Ness.

So glad you're loving your new job.

Thanks so much for my gorgeous strawberry goodies, I've blogged about them here:-

I'm just off to the PO to post yours so keep a look out!


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Lol! saw you post title and had a chuckle! Thought you was declaring yourself a 'silly virgin' - I really must grow out of this schoolboy humour!!!

elle thornton said...

Hi Vanessa! A HUGE MASSIVE thank you for my fabbo swap goodies - I've posted about them here
I've had to change my blog address so sorry if you've had trouble finding me! I'm back *waves*!
We had such fun opening the pressies (especially the headband) - my little boy makes an excellent beast :o) Glad you're enjoying your Dwell xox

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