Thursday, 9 August 2007

dullety dull

well it's been a pretty un-eventfull week this week. All i've done is go to work and paint my bathroom. However i did have a very cool plus side, in that my 'gift tag stamper' arrived last saturday, so i can now make hundreds of uber cool gift tags :) which is awsome as i have a huge stash of designer paper at home just gagging to be made into something beautiful. So my current plan is to make a load of gift tags from my designer paper to put up on etsy :) unfortunately, i am in dire need of a new digital camera, as mine lives for a maximum of 10 minutes on fresh batteries. This means that untill i've saved up enough for a new camera, i can't get up any decent pictures of any of my creations for a while :( which also has stopped me being able to put my sock monsters up on etsy.
Oh and i got some great news 2 weeks ago aswell which i forgot to mention, i got straight distinctions in my college course which means i have a firm acceptance into uni :D go me!


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