Tuesday, 17 November 2009

santa baby!

Well it's nearly christmas :D and what better excuse for a little window shopping??
I have been trawling the web all year, finding sooo many things that I am totally lusting over, and now I have the perfect excuse to show everybody else!!

These oh so stunning, limited edition dorothy shoes at Harrods! I would give my right arm to own these beauties, but they are only available in London and I can't afford to go there :(!!

A gorgeous Jan Constantine Pillow! There are sooo many to choose from!!

This covers two of my christmas wishes!! I want to collect some more lovely tea cups and saucers, but would also love to own the full Cath Kidston spray flower tableware collection too!

A set of GHD hair stylers!! And a little birdy tells me that these are already in my christmas stocking ;) hehe

This ADORABLE tiny polka dot tea set. Designed for kids in a lovely little wicker hamper. I don't care if I am too old for this!!

Some lovely vintage coloured glass jars and bottles :D I already found 2 amazing bottles in a charity shop a few weeks ago, and I think I have picked up a new habit!

And finally! (for now at least :P) I would LOVE anything from Chet and Dot at etsy! I have been following them for years and still need to pick exactly what I want!! Too hard to choose from such cute pieces :P

I will naturally carry on window shopping over the next few weeks running up to christmas! And so I'm sure I'll add more to my list during that time ;) So stick around!!


Dragonfly said...

Fabulous shoes!!
You'll have to be extra good up til xmas .... maybe Santa will be more generous ;-)

Kelly said...

Great list!!!
So much fun isn't it!!!!

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