Wednesday, 9 January 2008

new look continued

woo well i have finally finished my painted background for my creations, and have decided to use matt the sock cat to show you how it looks :)

hopefully i'll get used to my new camera abit better soon, but for now the pictures are ok! this is the original background design i made on my laptop before painting it all on wood :)

And what else have i been upto? well a few weeks ago i downloaded a pattern to make a teddy bear. However it's not something i've actually done before, so my little trial ted came out a little bit scruffy! But i think she's still sweet :)
She isn't jointed or anything because I decided to do a few practise bears before using any proper materials. I had a few problems with the gingham fabric as it kept fraying, and all of her stitching was hand sewn, so she could be much neater!

and on each of her arms and legs i've sewn on a little button, to help me attatch all her peices together :)

not the VERY messy edges! the worst part was attatching the head, i had absolutly no idea how to go about that, but i vaguely got there in the end lol!


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