Monday, 24 August 2009

even newer news!

Ok so i have been planning a new range of toys for a while now, and finally produced my first one yesterday :) I have already made 7 little faces, and now just need to make bodies for the rest! I'm still not 100% sure how successful they will be, but i think that once i have made them all, i will put one on etsy and the rest in the get made shop :) let me know what you think to this little lady!

I am also so proud of myself right now, as most of my hydrangeas are finally dry, i decided to go out and buy some willow wreathes that i could attatch them all to. Only nowhere seems to sell them at the minute! So i took some cutters to matt's mum and dads willow tree, and made my very own wreath from scratch! I love how it all turned out, and if i can collect enough branches then these wreathes will be totally free to make!!


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