Wednesday, 19 August 2009

new news!

Welllll i have been a busy bee these past few weeks. I have filled 2 boxes for my swap partners in the lovely package exchange, which i posted yesterday! I've also produced a few more lino cuts and brought some tasty new wool on monday :) I seem to be getting a little faster at creating crochet toys, and am very proud to have produced 3 new toys in 3 days, my favourite of which being my lovely pink fawn :D

Originally i hated her because, as usual, she wasn't originally going to be a fawn, and i thought that her head was way to weird looking to pull off the fawn look, but now that she is all finished i have to say i do quite like her :) Yes i'm still rather unhappy with her face, but i am about to produce another fawn with the green wool that i brought, which hopefully will come out even nicer!
She is made with my 'raspberry' wool, but as i brought a lime colour to, i did produce to other tester toys to play with the new colours!

I have also, as i mentioned earlier, produced a few more lino cuts :) I have made a lovely 'Thanks' carving, which i have printed onto some greeting cards :) some of them have already been put in the get made shop, but these particular 2 cards will be up for sale in my etsy!

And fiinnaaallllyyyy i have also been busy drying out some GORGEOUS hydrangea flowers. I intend to made a bunch of wreaths this year to sell for christmas, and i have such a love for hydrangeas, that there really wasn't any thought in this decision! My partners lovely nanna has let me go wild taking cuttings from all of her hydrangea bushes, and i think so far i have about a quater of all of the flowers i intend to get, but i don't think i can stop now that I have started!

These beautiful flowers are all over my house at the minute, as this bucket is less than half of all of the flowers i actually have! They are all changing colours and i feel like i could cry at the shear beauty of them :) I really can't wait for them to be dry and ready to create with :) but only a few more days for all of these!


Elaine said...

omg! the fawn is ADORABLE! I lovelovelove her! <333

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