Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Ok so basically the reason I haven't been on here much recently is because a) We have redone our living room again and it is all looking goorrggeeouse :) b) Because I have soooo much uni work to catch up on and stuff for shops! and c) Because I have been busy hunting down my dream machine :) This week I will be taking my first lesson on a scooter, and in a few weeks I will be taking my test!!

As soon as my test is out of the way my dad has said he'll let me borrow some money to go towards my very own vespa!! I have sooo many ideas what I want from my dream bike, from a custom paint job to lovely pink seats! So to get us all in the mood, lets sit back and enjoy some vespa goodness!!


Kelly said...

My dad has about 30 classice scooters, Including his origional Vespa from when he was a mod in the late 60's!
I'm sure I can steal you one :)

hapi-ness said...

hahaha wow your dad is so lucky! I have loved vespa's since I was 12! can't believe i'll have my own here in the next week :D

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