Friday, 19 March 2010

i want your buttons!

Wehey! Yesterday I found a brilliant tutorial that has given me a wonderful new three column blog :D because of this I now have lots and lots of lovely link space, so I want your buttons!! If anyone has any buttons advertising any lovely blogs, or any other pretty things you think would look good on here, then please let me know :D


Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Hello, I found you this morning.
Love your 3 column look.
I am hosting a giveaway at the moment and have a button for it.
Please pop over & join in, & take the button if you want to.
Luv Sophie xxx

Florence and Mary said...

Well done for changing your blog to 3 columns, I tried myself in the beginning and was hopeless at it!

Victoria xx

nina seven said...

you have such a lovely blog and your 3 columns are impressive! thanks for your nice comment on mine, i really appreciate it. i could make you a button, linking to my blog or website...let me know what size you want it.

hapi-ness said...

thanks ladies! I will be happy to take all of your buttons! haha!

nina seven said...

hey ness - thanks for your comment on my IF entry and thanks for putting my button up on your blog. your blog is so sweet and colorful, i love it!

hapi-ness said...

thanks again nina ^_^ that's so sweet of you! I love your work :D it's so inspiring, has definately given me itchy fingers to get some drawing done :D xx

Kelly said...

Hey love well done you! I tried last week and got an almost 3 column blog it was very strange!!

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