Wednesday, 17 March 2010

very early planning!

Well I've always been one for planning ahead, and decided to make a start on plotting out my birthday this year :) it's a big one! I will be 21 in July, and want to have a big mix up of all of my favourite birthdays over the past few years :)

This year I want to spend the day with all of my friends at alton towers :) I did this for my 18th and had such a brilliant time!

Also last year I had a wonderful bbq for my friends, which I loved :) so this year will be another garden party after a day trip to the theme park! Last year was hello kitty theme, and this year I don't know what to do! But pink and flowery will always be good!

Finally, on my actual birthday, I want to go out with mine and matt's family, and have a lovely big meal like I did for my 18th :) I love spending birthdays with family, but my friends and family are so different that everything works much better to have 3 events :) plus it means an extra long birthday celebration! hurray!! xo


Amy C said...

sounds like fun fun plans for a mega celebration and I love the images too.

Kelly said...

Wow 21 caqnt be missed! Looks like you have big plans! It's my birthday Wednesday eeek! (32!)
I'm having a tea party with my family and James and I are off to Vegas!!! Can't wait for that!

hapi-ness said...

oh wow! You've beat me hands down kelly :P what lovely plans! Have a brilliant time!! xxx

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