Saturday, 8 May 2010

It has begun!

Hey everyone!
As I have an even number of people signed up for the swap I have just finished assigning each of you to a partner, although I still need to email you all individually with your partners name and what their story is :D Unfortunately, as alot more of us Brits have signed up, not everybody who wanted a partner abroad has been able to have one. I really hope this is ok! But if anyone has a major issue with this then please email me and I'll see if there's anything i can do :)
Don't forget to communicate with your partner to get a better understanding as to the things they like and don't like, and also, for people posting abroad, remember to double check with your partner if anything can't be sent to them due to customs!
I am going to allow everybody 4 weeks until all of the packages need to be sent, so all packages should be posted by the 5th of June :). This should be more than enough time to build up a lovely package :D
I am also planning to set up a Flickr page for everybody to upload photo's of what you recieve ^_^ will post the link up here once it's all set up :D
Well off i pop to send out all of your emails :D let the fun begin!

Just to let you all know, I have now emailed all of you with your partners details :) if any of you have not recieved an email then please let me know! Also, if any body has any problems with any part of the swap, just email me and I'll do my best to help :) Hope you all have a wonderful time with this swap! Thank you all so much for joining in and being so lovely :)
Ness xxx


CraftySmiles said...

YEAH!!!!!!! I can't wait.
By the way Thanks for doing this swap!!!!!!

hapi-ness said...

My absolute pleasure ^_^ xx

Cat B said...

I am so excited to be participating in my first ever swap - thank you -

Just a question ~ at the moment ~ I have a huge 6 followers LOL - how many would I need to start up a swap on my blog?


Maria said...

Can't wait to get started on this, should be good fun ! Thanks for organising :)

Alexandra Mason said...

Hi, really excited about the swap...thank you for organising. I emailed you my email :) Hope you are having a great weekend xx

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

Can't wait!!! xxx

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