Tuesday, 4 May 2010

5 more days!

Hey everybody! There's only 5 days left until the fairy tale swap closes, and all of you are assigned to your partners! So let's see if we can have one final push to get all of your friends involved :) I will be posting who each person is partnered with on here, and also emailing each of you, so if anybody has not included their email address, then please either email me or post it on here :)
I hope you are all very excited! I know I am!!


Maria said...

can't wait for this, very exciting...

Alijane said...

Hi Vanessa,

I would love to join in your swap. I would like to do the £10 option please and would like to receive Hansel and Gretal themed stuff if possible. Could I just post to the UK please, it makes the sending food items easier.



jillytacy said...

I sent you an e-mail about participating but forgot to mention that we will happily ship internationally. We're looking forward to this swap!

hapi-ness said...

just replied to your email jill :) cheers for letting me know! x

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