Monday, 12 March 2012

pretty please with a cherry on top!

Hello lovely ladies! I have a favour to ask of you all :)
I have entered a really simple little competition to win a selection of prizes, all I need to do is to introduce other people to this lovely website.
Some of you may have heard of the Magic Freebie's site. Personally I'm addicted! They upload links to sites that are giving away goodies for free every day!
All I need you wonderful ladies to do is to click here and then click get started.
I go on this website every day and so far have enjoyed free samples of tea bags, makeup and all manner of other goodies!
Each person I refer gives me 1 entry to the prize draw so the more of you that follow my link and get started the better :D
Thanks ladies and don't forget, The best things in life are free!!


Kelly said...

I clicked as you said but couldn't see the get started so I've liked the page does that help?

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