Monday, 12 March 2012


Well a couple of years ago I used to have great fun flicking through etsy and sharing my finds with you lovely ladies :) and in a night of bordom I have decided to make another compilation of some wonderful goodies.
The theme if you hadn't guessed is PANDAS!

The first is by jimbobart and is just the most adorable plate in the world, As soon as next payday comes around this will be mine :D This guy is super talented and I highly recommend looking through his other ceramics!

Secondly is a pair of oh-so-cute retro panda's. I've actually just purchased these from trudy10 as I have been eyeing these up for months! :D there's lots of other beautiful items in trudy's shop and is definately worth a look :)

Third is the sweetest mini bear ever :) made by knittingdreams. There are so many different mini bears in her shop and I just wish I had them all!

Finally there is an absolutely AWSOME panda geek scarf made by panduhmonium. This is my kind of shop as EVERYTHING is panda themed :D I just love the glasses on this scarf!

I hope you all liked my panda-picks :)



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